Videos of keynote presentations

Sian Williams

Christine Nixon

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon

Day one

Slide presentations

A heart led approach to changing the system – Sian Williams

What does heart mean in banking – Anna Bligh

Strengthening NILS – Lisa Carroll and Candice Charles

The heart behind decisions – Katy Davis


Workshop – Credit Repair and Debt Vultures – Cat Newton and Lachlan Edward

Workshop – Research revelations – Dean Pearson

Workshop – Media strategy and engagement – Renee Hancock and Kellie Evans

Workshop – Managing healthy programs – Candice Charles and Rebecca Wringe

Workshop – Application preparation with myNILSapp – Michael Burville and Luse Kinivuwai


Day two

Slide presentations

The potential of test and learn – Lisa Crawford

Financial resilience in Australia – Kristy Muir


Workshop – Partnerships and uncommon alliances – Peter McNamara

Workshop – Lead well – Sharon Hooker

Workshop – Volunteer recruitment & engagement – Rebecca Wringe

Workshop – Strengths based practice – Karen Denham and Michelle Hogan

Workshop – Knowing-Our-Clients – Damien Lee and Kellie Evans